My immediate supervisor refuses to acknowledge positive accomplishments, but with write e-mails to admonish me? REALLY REALLY gross laundry problem, PLEASE help!!? Help with an insight of career paths Criminology/CompScience? Looking for a talented Ghost writer? What can do with my life?? is it important to have LinkedIn profile ? periods am i going to start? Why do democrats lust for changing America into a European-style socialist state? At a Crossroads in Life... opinions plz? Do you know any Sci-fi books with much combats ? Ive taken many of the steps to becoming an actress but now I need help with one.? Dog is aggressive? Too much to do in too less time? How to make my microsoft works word document open correctly in microsoft office word.? Could I please have some feedback on my UC essay? How do you write the conclusion to a literary analysis essay? A potential employer asked me to touch up my resume and add to it. What could they mean. I have everything on it that I need. Any suggestion?

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help with my paper!!!!!!!!!!!?... wat is da name of the guns that the nazis used?...